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Project Background

There are always two sides of a picture. Unfortunately, Pakistanis mostly see the darker side of the picture. Everyone knows how we treated the world’s best technologies in Pakistan. This is the reason why internet’s being used negatively by our masses. Productive use of such a blessing named internet is very rare to find in Pakistan. Pakistan has been among those countries which have the highest rate of searches for the adult websites. We can see here how the provision of technology is not sufficient enough to create a difference. In fact, proper training and guidance in a positive way creates difference.

Ground Realities

We provided the best technology of the world which is internet, but never bothered to teach about how to use internet productively. We have never listened or read in electronic or print media of Pakistan, that a workshop on “How to use Internet effectively and positively” is being held in any city of Pakistan. However cellular companies are advertising on print and electronic media as well as in Expo Centers, telling about which internet package public should choose. Presently, newspapers are full of advertisements of 3G and 4G services by different cellular companies. It is strange that no one is writing or guiding the public that what is the best use of this 3G and 4G technology.

Blessing in Disguise

Currently, 56 million people are the part of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.  In absence of mentoring sessions, youth definitely uses such technologies in non-productive and time wasting activities, and they should not be blamed at all. Every one of us has been equally responsible.

However, it is a positive sign that a specific lot of people among us are using internet to earn livelihood while doing different tasks online. Online trading, software development, web development and Foreign exchange business are the few fields in which some Pakistanis are involved but the numbers of these noble people are quite meager.

Yes to Trade aims to fill the room in this field by training our youth, who can earn a respectable livelihood by utilizing the skills which we will transfer to them.