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Why should you join?

  • If one is unemployed, he has nothing to lose. If one is already employed, it is never bad to earn a few additional bucks while doing your work through mobile, tablet, or computer (internet facility is a pre-requisite).
  • People always look for extra sources of income, and sometimes these sources require a lot of physical exertion. How hard it is to operate your cellular device or computer?
  • Working conditions at job are never always the comfortable one. However the environment at your home is always cozy and comfortable. What if you can earn your livelihood while carrying out your duties from your home? Imagine that.
  • Yes to Trade believes that a sound mind is way more productive than the pressurized one. That’s the reason why Yes to Trade discourages the concept of deadlines and targets. It simply means that one does not need to meet deadlines or achieve targets to ensure his income.
  • Yes to Trade has conducted numerous sessions and trained hundreds of trainees already, which has added into the expertise and experience of Yes to trade. Yes to Trade aims to transfer these expertise to the youth of Pakistan.
  • Yes to Trade is a reliable and trustworthy organization which mainly works for the betterment of society. This is why Yes to Trade managed to conduct its training sessions successfully with the collaboration of Government of the Punjab & Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industries as well.